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Montessori Modern Handheld Sensory Board - YELLOW

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The Montessori handheld sensory board engages children in complex sensory fine-motor-skills. Watch as they explore all the different elements, slide, turn, pull, trace. Hand eye coordination. For young ones it will be all about touch. As they grow, the board becomes more of cause and effect. They realise the locks can undo and then moving forward again, work out how to close the locks. The sense of achievement after closing the lock on their own is beautiful. I big proud smile that says 'look what I did!'

As pictured, the boards all feature:

  • Wooden numbers
  • 3 Cogs
  • Mini abacus
  • Clip latch
  • Chain latch
  • Wooden Propeller
  • Wooden flap with handle

Measuring 30cm x 30cm sturdy for play, yet easy for little ones to move around.

Please note: Will be sent 1 week from ordering. Please email us if you need it sooner.


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