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Le Toy Van believe that wood is good.

We use and replant a by-product of the rubber industry, Rubberwood, which we, amongst other woods, recycle into wonderful, eco-friendly, high-quality wooden toys.

Our wooden toys and games bring multiple learning dimensions to their plastic and digital counterparts, with their different weights, shapes, sizes and textures.

With wooden toys, little ones experience a Montessori-style learning experience, excellent for their cognitive development.  

Since 1995, Le Toy Van’s wooden toys and most packaging have been biodegradable, with the aim to be 100% plastic free by 2021.

Conscious of our carbon footprint, we work hard to make sure that our wood comes only from sustainable forests, supporting local farmers and their communities, pledging to replant and replace what will become beautiful toys. 

We choose our places of production very carefully and carry out frequent, rigorous audits. Our toys are handmade only at certified ethical factories, therefore providing careers opportunities and great conditions of work for local families.

We invest our time, energy and passion to ensure we pack all of our wooden, eco-responsible toys with layers of discovery, so that they become a real investment in play for generations to come.

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Retro Metro Cars
Available Soon
Strawberry Wedding Cake
Tool Box
Tool Box
Petilou 9 Piece Sensory Tray Set
Available Soon
Petilou Gears & Cogs
Available Soon
Petilou My Stacking Garden
Available Soon
Petit Activity Cube
Budkin Fairy Triple Set
Available Soon
Budkin Garden Fairies Triple Set
Available Soon
Petilou Lady Bird Binoculars Yellow
Petilou Little Fox Puzzle
Available Soon
Honeybake Harvest Vegetables
Honeybake Smoothie Fruit in Crate
Honeybake Cake Stand Set
Honeybake Toaster Set
Available Soon
Honeybake Blender Set 'Fruit & Smooth
Available Soon
Honeybake Apple Tart Wooden Playset
Honeybake Ice Cream Set
Available Soon
Honeybake Cupcake Set
Available Soon
Daisylane Vintage Ice Cream Van
Princess Dinner Setting
Available Soon
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