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Hello Tiny House

Magic is everywhere... imagination is everything

Hello Tiny House are incredibly beautiful houses & 'buddies' handmade in Tasmania, Australia, from Tasmanian Oak.

These handmade wooden houses inspire play, learning and exploration. Toys for the head, heart and hands. They bring colour, life and happiness to any playroom as children create their own worlds and adventures.

Tiny houses are hand cut from the beautiful Tasmanian Oak tree, sanded for smooth edges and painted with non toxic water colours. An organic beeswax is used as a sealer for longevity.

Tiny houses are sturdy and range from 14cm - 25cm in height. Safe for all ages

Please note these houses are handmade and therefore no two items are exactly the same. There may be slight variations and imperfections in the grain of the wood which makes your houses unique and full of character.

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A little whimsy (set of 3)
Rainbow houses (set of 7)
Mushroom with opening door
Confetti houses (set of 5)
Pastel houses (set of 5)
Mushroom homes (set of 3)
Confetti buddies (set of 7)
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