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Let Them Play
Wooden storage box. 25 compartments. Ideal for storing Grapat mandala pieces, craft, buttons, Lego. Solid pine wood 39.5 x 39.5cm Removable lid to make play easy and have a flat play space.
Treasure Boxes
Tender Leaf
Magic Wood
Modern Monty
Russian Dolls


We select beautiful brands that manufacture toys that you will want to keep Forever.

Through trusted relationships we bring you a carefully selected range of timeless toys.
To be enjoyed by young and old.

Treasure Box
Treasure Box
Grapat Limited Edition - Hope
Available Soon
Grapat Limited Edition - Joy
Available Soon
Grapat Nins Carla
Available Soon
Grapat Lola
Available Soon
Grapat Lola
Grapat Seasons - Winter
Available Soon
Grapat Seasons - Autumn
Grapat Seasons - Spring
Available Soon

About Us

Forever Toys is inspired by my passion for all children’s happiness when they are in their own little world next to the toy box. It’s such a beautiful experience to watch.. If you dare to take out a camera, somehow they know, and instantly that moment is lost!

The first incredible toy I bought my girls was the Magic Wood treehouse. As soon as it was set up I knew that I would continue to invest in “forever” toys. That treehouse is touched and enjoyed every single day. It sparks imagination and inspires little minds. Watching the girls play I said to myself, ‘Now THAT is a forever toy’ and in that instant, Forever Toys was born. Since then, my mind hasn’t stopped contemplating how I can share these toys with families that are already in love with the brands I sell, but even more so, those families that have never seen of them. 

Forever Toys is inspired by the two great loves of my life: my daughters, Charlotte and Adaline.

Thank you for visiting Forever Toys and sharing my vision. That the best things in life cannot easily be replaced or upgraded. The best things in life are for keeps.

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