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Russian Dolls

These stunning Russian Dolls are handmade in Russia and painted by the beautiful Margarita. Her artistry is unique and simply stunning. The detail, fine brush strokes and shades of colour make her dolls ones you will want your family to keep forever!
Russian dolls are a very special toy within a home. They are fun for the little ones, admired by all and a perfect decorative piece.
Mum playing with them with her children and then again with her grandchildren is such a lovely image that will hold many memories. 
The baby dolls are as tiny as a paperclip! So cute.

These dolls are exclusive to Forever Toys. 
Margarita is continually painting to keep Forever Toys stocked. 

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Christmas - Limited Edition 7 Set
Roly Poly - Christmas
Green - 7 Set Russian Dolls
Mauve - 5 Set Russian Dolls
Japanese - 5 Set Russian Dolls
Roly Poly - Penguin
Roly Poly - Orange Hair
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