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Grapat Seasons - Winter


The Grapat Seasons represent the ever changing colours surrounding us. When winter arrives, nature seems asleep and everything is covered with a layer of cold. The colors are as clear as the winter air. White, blue, gray and violet, colors sprinkled with bright frost in places that are very cold ? every Seasons set contains 3 Nins, 3 cups, 3 coins, 3 rings & 3 wizards making a beautiful little set with so many play opportunitie. Like all of the Grapat pieces, these can be easily integrated with other play items or simply played with as they are. Children love stacking. Put a Nin in a cup, pile rings around it and finish of with a coin on top and you have a hidden Nin. Beyond play, the feel of the smooth sanded pieces and the knock on wood sound is just beautiful. Recommended age +12 months

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