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Grapat Nins Carla


This beautiful set contains 12 Nins, 72 rings and 36 coins in the colors of the rainbow. Includes a cloth bag. This game allows for the development of logical-mathematical thinking by classifying, grouping and matching elements though colours and/or shapes. These actions improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills. The rings become a material which can be used to thread, pile up and create different games. The Nins can be used as a symbolic game, to create stories and small worlds. Children love stacking. Put a Nin in inside of a pile rings and finish of with a coin on top and you have a hidden Nin. Beyond play, the feel of the smooth sanded pieces and the knock on wood sound is just beautiful. The natural dyes colour the wooden pieces but also allow the natural wood grain to shine through. Grapat toys are one of those toys that really need to be 'held to be believed' Recommended age +18 months

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