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StoryScene - Easter Gift Box


Easter Gift Box

Welcome the Easter Bunny and some lovely Easter spirit into your home with the Easter Gift Box. This gift box is the perfect addition to your child's Easter with many beautiful open-ended Easter-themed activities and gifts included.

The Easter threading egg is perfect for fine motor development, and the stampers + rolling pin will bring many moments of sensory fun!

This set comes with:

- Small Bunny

- Threading Easter Egg

- Tulip Flower

- Mini Shrub

- Small Stand

- 3 x Easter Stampers - Bunny, Footprint, Easter Egg

- Hardwood Rolling Pin

- 4 x Threading flowers

- Threading Needle

Why not create a Easter Bunny drop off location, or a Easter themed shelf display, or Small World Play space. 

The StoryScene Collection has been designed to create unlimited Small World Stories for your children.  Bringing a vertical element into their play setups, each piece of the StoryScene range is interchangeable with the 4 different sized stands to allow unlimited creativity and options.

All of our Easter Collection will fit perfectly in with your existing StoryScene stands and pieces. 

Each piece is designed to fit into either the LARGE or MEDIUM or SMALL stand ( sold separately).

Our StoryScene collection is made from natural and sustainable FSC certified New Zealand pine plywood and the unique wood grains will vary between each piece. We believe that this adds to the character and shows the true beauty of natural wood.  Each piece has been dyed by hand using water and light safe non-toxic dyes. Colours may appear slightly different from photos due to variations in lighting and the natural nature of how different wood grains absorb colour.

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