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Nesk Kids - Nature Kit

For children, play is learning and Nature Play significantly improves all aspects of child development – physical, cognitive, social and emotional.

Some of the advantages of using natural objects are: Natural materials stimulate children's creativity and imagination as they can be used in play in many ways. For example, a fruit pod can be a figurine in imaginative play, used for imprinting in mud or clay, or currency in a game.

The Nesk Kids Nature Kit was designed for this very reason - Sensory Play...

What’s Included:

  • 7 Natural Leaves

  • 14g Bark Pieces

  • 50g Magic Sand

  • 18 Small Fruit Pods

  • 5 Mini Pine Cones

  • 3 Thick Branch Cuts (Circle)

  • 3 Black Stones

  • 5 Thick Twigs

  • 4 Round Thick Branch Cuts

  • 8 Bud Cones

  • 8 Dried Seedless Fruit Pods

  • 20 Small Pebbles

  • 4 Dried Sunflowers

  • 40g Shells

  • 3 Thick Branch Cuts (Oval)

  • 12g Twig Chips

  • 3 Grey Rocks

Made in Australia.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small Parts. Not suitable for children aged under 3 years. Adult supervision is required.
Note: Items come packaged in a brown cardboard box with compartments. Each cardboard compartment contains each loose part item. All packaging can be recycled or kept to store your loose parts.
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