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15 Piece Road Set, Archway and Cars Package


15 Piece Road Set, Archway and Cars Package is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Using a road in play can open the door for so many play opportunities. It can be a great tool for children in the transportation schema, as well as providing opportunities for problem solving and creative thinking. 

We've created this package with our road set that has a unique jig-saw style end so that the pieces won't break apart during play, combined with our archway set and cars to expand on the road play. This set is the ultimate in road play with everything you need to get started! 

This package includes: 

15 piece road set - with 1 roundabout, 6 bends and 8 straight pieces

3 arches - 

210x210mm  Clearance width: 126mm

210x294mm  Clearance width:  210mm

210x378mm  Clearance width: 294mm

All 4 cars in our range; Van, Ute, Convertible and Car 

12cm long

4cm wide

6cm high - Wooden Ute and Wooden Van 

5cm high - Wooden Car and Wooden Convertible

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