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15 Piece Road Set and Cars Package


15 Piece Road Set and Cars Package is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Using a road in play can open the door for so many play opportunities. It can be a great tool for children in the transportation schema, as well as providing opportunities for problem solving and creative thinking. 

We've created this package with our road set that has a unique jig-saw style end so that the pieces won't break apart during play, combined with our cars to have something to drive on your roads. 

This package includes: 

15 piece road set - with 1 roundabout, 6 bends and 8 straight pieces


All 4 cars in our range; Van, Ute, Convertible and Car 

12cm long

4cm wide

6cm high - Wooden Ute and Wooden Van 

5cm high - Wooden Car and Wooden Convertible

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