Treasure Box – Forever Toys

Keep all your treasures safe and secure with our Forever Toys Treasure Box! Slide on removable lid that provides an instant flat play space.

25 Compartment pine wood box with lid.

39.5 x 39.5cm, 7 x 7cm compartments 8.5cm deep


Can fit all 11 Grapat Mandala pieces 

All Grapat ‘people’ also fit standing or lying in each compartment.

Can also be used for:

- Storing & sorting Lego

- Collecting treasures 

- Sorting nuts & bolts

- Storing beads & buttons

- Sorting & storing craft pieces

- Turn the box on its side and use it as a shadow box

Endless amount of storing and sorting possibilities with this beautifully handmade pine wood box. 

 *Box comes empty 



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