The Family Behind Forever Toys
The Family Behind Forever Toys

The Family Behind Forever Toys

Forever Toys is just 4 months young and I’m finally sitting down to write my first blog! As hoped, launch was crazy. So happy and grateful for the incredible start we created. Since then, it has been a FABULOUS roller coaster. (Charlotte says I say fabulous too much so look out for that in stories!). It is such a fun industry and business to have.

To back-back a bit;

Who are we?

I am Melanie, solo parent to two beautiful girls. Charlotte (9) and Adaline Rose (2). We have started IGTV with Charlotte so you will be seeing a bit of her. I was a solo Mum with just Charlotte and decided we needed to add another little person to our bubble. So, off to Melbourne IVF I went and explored the possibility of having a baby using a sperm donor. There is clearly a lot more on that story which I will write in a future blog but just 13 months from that appointment, I was holding my baby girl in my arms. So blessed. We are so fortunate to have each other and I just love my little family. My girls have such a tight bond which I just love. Forever Toys is for my girls. To give them the best possible future I can create.

How did Forever Toys come about?

Forever Toys didn’t come about because I was trying to create a business. Forever Toys just popped into my head one afternoon when I was watching the girls play. Have you seen our gorgeous Magic Wood treehouse? If not, you better go check it out… AFTER READING THIS! The girls were playing with their treehouse. Chatting away to each other. The treehouse had been in our home for a few weeks. Every day they would do something to it, even if it was just moving a piece from one side to the other. It is such a quality piece. I thought to myself, this is a toy I want my girls to keep forever, I want them to be playing with their children and recalling the moments of when they played together. How special would that be?!

The world is our oyster to create our own success. I have short term and long term goals for the growth of Forever Toys. Such exciting times building a business from the ground up on your own is challenging at best, but it is so much fun and that’s exactly as it should be within a toyshop! Please, join us on this journey, grow with us, support us but most of all, have fun watching all the toys we have and more importantly, have fun playing!

Melanie Lunt

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